Jerry Woolman
Spring Lake

My Father-in-law is having major back surgery on Tuesday. Because of his heart issues he is at risk. Pray for healing and recovery.

Sep-25 / last prayer 2h ago
Nancy Cook
Spring Lake

Answer to prayer for Theresa!!

Sep-28 / last rejoice 2h ago
Spring Lake

Theresa for having some serious health situations!!

Sep-21 / last prayer 2h ago

Prayer for jobs to open up for spouse and God to continue the restoration process of all, to work in our hearts and minds & emotions, forgiveness and victory and open doors to new & great opportunitie

Sep-25 / last prayer 2h ago
Josh McPherson
Spring Lake

I have two please. 1. A friend at our campground was found to have tumors on her bladder. Waiting to hear results of biopsy. 2. Other campers were just in horrible car accident. Pray for them.

Sep-24 / last prayer 2h ago
Ethiopia CarePoint, Children’s Hope Chest

Pray for the new farm project in Ethiopia and the 21 families that are working there.

Sep-25 / last prayer 2h ago
Dale and Lynn
Spring Lake

Dale and Lynn have 2 children they live in Florida and are asking God to open the doors for Dale to get a job to support his family. He is putting a resume' on-line . He knows his job is ending he j

Sep-28 / last prayer 2h ago